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Subbuteo in Australia

Aloittaja Eliot Kennedy, syyskuu 14, 2009, 08:21:00

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The good news is also that there is now a small group in Melbourne trying to set up something so there might be another tournament in a different city in the future.

Maybe the Sydney area can have different "clubs" or at least locations where people can meet for a tournament a couple of times a year. I know bringing the tables is sometimes the problem. Anyway, the tournament seemed to be great and I'm happy things finally happened!

Congratulations for your victory!

Eliot Kennedy

Thanks Kari and Vincent.

It would great if Greenie and I could make it to Finland at the same time one day and kick some Finnish butt  ;) On the other hand, I think it far more likely that we would be ones who were spanked, but it would be great fun whatever the result. One day, one day.... ???

That's good news too regarding Melbourne Vincent. And it would be nice to be playing more regularly for sure.

All the best.


Eliot wanted let us know that they will be having their first FISTF tournament in Australia for four years on 17 and 18 January 2015 in Melbourne. These dates have been chosen to coincide with the Asian Cup football tournament which Australia will host.

It is a long trip, but if someone is interested, then contact Eliot. He is in the facebook and I have his email address.
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